Preferred Pump has partnered with Maui Jim to offer premium polarized sunglasses to our Grand Cayman travelers!

Take a look at this collection of Maui Jim premium sunglasses, put together exclusively for us! If you see anything you like, reserve a pair by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

Use 15 points to purchase any pair of Maui Jim polarized sunglasses from the Premium Package, which has been put together exclusively for Preferred Pump customers going to Grand Cayman.

Don’t worry about sizes or styles right now. You can try on all 18 available styles before the Grundfos Beach Party in Grand Cayman on Saturday from 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM.

Once you fill out the form below, a voucher will be delivered to your hotel room before the pool party. Each voucher will be good for any one set of Maui Jim sunglasses.

Bring your voucher to the Mau Jim Sunglasses tent before the Grundfos Beach Party on Saturday between 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM and walk away with your sunglasses immediately!

Your sunglasses will be handed to you right away, and will come with a gorgeous, sturdy case and cleaning cloth, making this the perfect accessory for the beach, the pool, and your excursions while on the island!


Baby Beach
Compliment any outfit with these sleek aviators designed to display your surroundings in high definition:
• Lightweight, pure titanium frame
• Double bridge with adjustable silicone nose pads
• Anti-corrosive traditional hinge
• Gloss finish with CLEARSHELL® scratch coating
• Displays vivid, contrasting colors


Inspired by the first Polynesian vessels that brought the first settlers to Hawaii, the Canoes are a mid-size wrap frame featuring thick temples to protect against the strongest elements:
• Nickel/silver alloy hinges
• Frame is flexible and lightweight
• Spring hinges comfortably hug your head
• Built-in nose pads
• Saltwater safe and scratch-resistant lenses


Cliff House
Now available in the Blue Hawaii lens color, the Cliff House design takes its name from a spot on the top of Waipi ‘o Valley on the Big Island:
• Modified aviator frame perfect for smaller to medium faces
• Lightweight, 100% pure titanium aviator frame
• Anti-corrosive traditional hinge
• Attractive double bridge
• Non-slip silicone nose pads


Cook Pines
Ideal for wearing every day, these aviator style sunglasses are versatile and stylish:
• Wire frames in an aviator style
• Silicone nose pads adjusts to any facial shape
• Traditional hinges for easy open and close
• Crafted with pure titanium
• Double nose bridge


Make your Instagram filters jealous with these durable rimless sunglasses that display fantabulous colors:
• Polarized, gradient lenses eliminate 99.9% glare and 100% UV rays
• Nylon, hypoallergenic, thermoplastic frame resistant to breakage
• Rectangular shaped lenses with saddle bridge
• Spring hinge reduces the need for adjustments
• Great for active athletic types


Kaupo Gap
Combines a staple aviator silhouette with a thin injected nylon frame that is as light as a feather! Paired with Maui Jim’s most advanced lens material MauiBrilliant, its features are designed for longer wear time and vivid clarity:
• Lightweight in a modified aviator style
• Perfect for all-day comfort
• Double nose bridge with adjustable nose pads
• Traditional anti-corrosive pin hinge


One of the first styles to be crafted with Maui Jim’s MauiBrilliant, an injection molded lens. This attractive accessory is designed for active consumers with its lightweight, flexible frame:
• Beta-Titanium bridge and rubber sleeves on the temple
• Very unique, non-traditional design
• Lenses feature 3 rare earth elements
• Ideal for driving and playing sports
• Seal of Recommendation from American Skin Cancer Association
• Hingeless, rimless, saddle-style bridge


Maliko Gulch
Named after a popular launch point for action sports, this pair is comfortable and durable enough for every day use:
• Sophisticated metal, rectangular frame
• Ideal for driving or lounging on the beach
• Saltwater safe
• High gloss finish for a smooth, sleek look
• Anti-corrosive double hinge
• Double bridge
• Adjustable, non-slip Rabalon nose pads


A classic aviator pair of sunglasses is now available in Maui sunrise, Maui Jim’s newest designer color! Complimented by a rose gold frame, you’ll love the way your Facebook pictures look with this sleek fashion accessory:
• Lightweight, pure titanium frame
• Compliments small and medium sized faces
• Double bridge with adjustable nose pads
• Anti-corrosive hinges
• Gloss finish accentuates its sleek look


Designed for laid back personalities with an appreciation for fashion:
• Refined rectangular shape best for round, oval, or oblong faces
• Saddle bridge nose setting and spring hinges for less adjusting
• Ideal for anyone seeking a classic, sporty, or trendy look
• Lightweight acetate material


You’ll present yourself as the alpha female in any setting with these attractive frames designed for the sporty woman:
• Glare-free, crisp, clear vision with casual elegance
• Rectangular lenses with rounded edges are universally flattering
• 100% UV protection with attractive gradient lenses
• Ideal for driving, even when facing a setting sun
• Greatly enhances field of vision and provides color and clarity


Expresses personality and vintage charm with its cat-eye design and stylish frames:
• Cat-eye shape best for medium faces
• Lightweight nylon frame material designed for longer wear time and comfort
• Saddle-style fixed bridge
• Embedded rubber nose pads
• Perfect blend of fashion and superior optics


Show up to your next function in full bloom with these charismatic, color-blended full rim frames:
• Square shaped lenses with rounded edges and saddle bridge
• Combines classic style with today’s trendy fashion
• 100% UV protection with attractive gradient lenses
• Ideal for driving, even when facing a setting sun
• Greatly enhances field of vision and provides color and clarity


Inspired by the beautiful loulu palms, this pair sports an eye-catching two-tone, smaller frame that excels in comfort:
• ST (super thin) glass is 20% thinner and lighter than conventional glass
• Rare earth lens elements enhance the colors around you
• Flexible, bendable, and lightweight frame
• Non-slip nose pads
• Spring hinges hug your head for lasting fit and comfort
• Saltwater safe


Red Sands
This unisex set provides crisp, vivid optics with superior lightweight, injected nylon construction:
• Rectangular-shaped lenses
• Ideal for both men and women
• Nylon frame is resistant to breaking
• Perfect for all lifestyles – leisure or athletic
• The perfect exclamation to any outfit and vehicle


Designed with an understated cat-eye shape and sloping brow, Starfish is a beautifully crafted, lightweight, injected nylon frame that provides an easy-to-wear look while protecting your eyes and revealing the world’s true beauty:
• Saddle style bridge
• Spring hinge
• Cat-eye shaped lenses


Stone Crushers
A durable, tough pair of shades ideal for all day wear, playing sports, and other situations where some sunglasses may be too heavy to be comfortable all day:
• Sturdy grillamid frame
• Lightweight polycarbonate lenses
• High gloss for smooth, sleek look
• Anti-corrosive, stainless steel pin and hinge
• Saddle style bridge with rubber, non-slip nose pads


Tail Slide
It’s name is based on a surfing maneuver in which the surfer purposely makes their fins lose their grip causing the board to slide, Tail Spin is a refined wayfarer with colorful simplicity:
• Ideal for men and women
• Rectangular lenses best for oval, square, or heart-shaped faces
• Lightweight injected nylon frame with wire tips
• Spring hinge


Please list the names of those who wish to purchase Maui Jim sunglasses and which set you’d like. This is not an actual order for these sunglasses but rather a reservation so that we know how many pairs of each style we’ll need on the day of the sale.
Please note: If the recipient listed below is not the business owner, permission from the business owner must be given in order to purchase Maui Jim sunglasses in Grand Cayman. All fields marked with an asterisk are required.

Customers can only choose Maui Jim sunglasses from the Premium Package, as seen above. Once you get to Grand Cayman, you will receive a voucher at your hotel room that you can bring down to the Westin Hotel pool during the Grundfos Beach Party, where Maui Jim staff will assist you with your purchase. Limit 1 set of sunglasses per voucher. No limit to vouchers purchased. Sunglasses will be available immediately at the fitting in Grand Cayman, where you will be able to try on 18 different styles from the Premium Package and walk away with the set of your choice. Customer must be in Grand Cayman for the fitting. Sunglasses cannot be purchased with cash and can only be purchased using Preferred Pump points. Each set of sunglasses costs 15 points and includes a case, cleaning cloth, fitting, and applicable sales tax. If sunglasses purchased are not for the business owner and the business owner will not be in Grand Cayman, then the business owner must send consent for the employee to use points to to purchase sunglasses.