Dear Randy,
We would sincerely like to thank you for everything you did for us on the Maui PP trip. We were extremely touched by the personal, handwritten letter we received when we arrived. Also, for the nice PP cooler bag filled with goodies. The necklace and silver whale coin we received were very thoughtful and will serve as a constant reminder of our wonderful trip!

The welcome and farewell dinners were fun and delicious. You were right about the whale watching excursion. We enjoyed it and there were a lot of breaches!

We have been to Las Vegas with Preferred Pump too and we still remember the handwritten note, bottle of champagne, and chocolate covered strawberries. Robert and I have been married for 22 years and besides our honeymoon, this was the most enjoyable trip we have ever been on!

Again, Randy thank you for everything and for giving small mom and pop business owners like us the privilege of going to Maui. Please convey to your marketing staff what an excellent job they did to make sure everything ran so smoothly. Continue the awesome work and again thank you!

Robert & René Young
Florence, CO

Good Afternoon,
I wanted to send everyone at Preferred Pump who had a hand in helping a GREAT BIG THANK YOU for the beautiful trip to Maui! This was the first time I had traveled to Hawaii and it was gorgeous (as I have always heard). What really completed it for us was the fact that ALL of the Preferred Pump associates were excessive in all that they did for us. From handing every function that was put together for us, to making sure our every need was met. This was the first time that a few of my family had flown, and the agents for Preferred Pump made sure that we headed in the right direction, and that our anxieties and concerns were acceptable and that we were all pleased. The dinner were great enjoyment. The music, camaraderie, and cuisine were excellent. I got to meet other well drillers and company owners from all over the country, as well as some of the manufacturers. I must say, Preferred Pump is a class act! I even saw Gary at the airport when we were leaving, and he was making sure that everyone was comfortable in the route they were taking. The accommodations were beautiful, the parties were great, and all the luxuries that were given to us made us feel like royalty! I cannot say enough about what a great time we had. Thank you so much. We had a wonderful trip!

Lisa Cosby
Royal Pump and Well Company, Inc.

Dear Randy,
Thank you so very much for one of the best reward trips yet! My family and I had an incredible time and owe so much gratitude to you and Ginger for your hospitality and the Preferred Pump staff for another seamless vacation. I cannot begin to fathom the slope of behind-the-scenes work for you and the sponsors. Please know that it is noticed and very much appreciated. The Rewards trips are always first class from start to finish and make my husband’s long and sometimes unpredictable hours much more bearable. I’m looking forward to Grand Cayman in 2018 and have my fingers crossed for more morning cup-fulls of bacon! Thank you for a wonderful 2017.

Dania & Matt Rottman
Rottman Drilling – Lancaster, CA

Dear Randy,
Jim and I wanted to let you know ho wmuch we enjoyed the Maui trip.
The ocean, warm breezes, mountains, sunsets and the rainbows we saw every day will always be fond memories. Thank you for inviting us to join you at Japengos for dinner. I have been thinking about those seafood pancakes ever since! Also, thanks for the necklace and coin. We will always think of Maui when we look at them.

I am a firm believer that you get from life what you give to life and your generosity to your employees and customers lends you to a long, enjoyable life!

Thank you and Ginger so much!

Jim and Mindy Blessing

Dear Randy,
My wife and I would like to thank you for a wonderful trip in Maui.
We so much enjoyed everybody’s company. We always meet wonderful people on these trips and make lifelong friends. I can only try to understand the level of effort it takes to make well-orchestrated trips like this happen. Everything was wonderful! Thank you so much!

Doug and Laurie Morin
Morin + Johnson Well Drilling + Pump – Niagara, WI

Dear Randy,
Our entire family was able to go to Maui this year. We had a great time, seeing such beautiful country, whales, dolphins, turtles, fish and exotic birds. The vegetation and waterfalls were amazing! The dinners you put on for us and the fun parties made for a very enjoyable vacation for all of us. We love your company We love your service!! We love your trips!!! Thank you for your generosity and kindness.

Jason and Mary Acquistipace

Dear Randy,
We wanted to let you know how wonderful the Maui trip was for us.
It is always amazing to us how well organized and planned out the entire week is. Thank you for the extra gifts that were delivered to our room for each of us. All we can say is that you’re very generous! Your thoughtfulness and planning is obvious in these trips. Be assured that Preferred Pump will always be our preferred vendor. Love that pun! =)

Thank you again so much,
Cliff and Paula Fasnacht

Dear Randy and Ginger,
Thank you so much for always going beyond mine and everyone’s expectations with these wonderful trips! No stone is ever left unturned. These trips are what get me through the long journey of winter every year, so with that I say thank you again and look forward to seeing you both next year in Grand Cayman!

Cal and Brenda Montgomery

Dear Randy,
Curt and I wanted to thank you for a wonderful week in Maui! When people ask us how it was, I use the word “paradise”. We were so impressed with the amount of caring and friendship we received. Thank you for the big things like making sure we had the airline seats we wanted, a beautiful hotel with great pools on the ocean,
a great Welcome Reception with a lei, a delicious Welcome and Farewell Dinner, and even a whale-watching and snorkeling trip with dinner afterwards.

What most impressed us though were the hand-written notes on our bed and thoughtful gifts! Curt really loved his whale coin and I really loved my necklace. Please tell Ginger again that I loved it!

The care the staff took in finding us seats together at the dinners,
the photographers, the greeting and send-ff upon arrival and departure, the breakfast bars and seeing you and others out by the pool were amazing. Thank you for the most wonderful week! We will talk about it for many years to come!

Sherry and Curt Kent

Dear Randy,
We just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful trip to Hawaii! We met so many wonderful people from all over the U.S. that are clients of Preferred Pump.
That is what made Hawaii more beautiful – all the people having a great time together in the fantastic weather!

Again, thank you for your Rewards Program that allows clients like us to go on these trips!

Frank Graves and Wanda McKilly
Moss Well Drilling